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“Celadon” pronounced (seh·luh·daan) is a new small sustainable flower farm in Baldwin, Maryland.

Our mission is to sustainably grow “field to market” flowers that are diverse, long lasting and smell delightful!

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Buy Flowers

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Celadon Hill Online Shop:  Check our online shop to pre-order a bucket of blooms, buy a bouquet subscription or Celadon swag! 

Rousedale Farm Market is now OPEN Fridays and Saturdays 10am-6pm. Stop by for one of our Mixed Bouquets and the freshest produce, eggs and honey in Fallston. Or pre-order on Tuesday via the online market for pick up on Saturday at the market!

Independent Brewing Company hosts an “open air” market on Tuesday evenings, 4pm-7pm under the big tent. Celadon Hill will be there most Tuesdays with fresh cut stems and mixed bouquets. Look for our social media post alert and pick up a brew and blooms! 

Overlea Farmer’s Market! Look for Celadon Hill at the market! Check out this great little bi weekly market in the heart of Overlea. Market is open 8:30am-12:30pm the following dates:

  • July 27th -August 8th – August 22nd -September 5th -September 19th – October 3rd – October 17th

Subscribe to our mailing list to be first to know when and where Celadon Hill flowers are available. 

Local Designers for Special Events

Washday Floral 

Rose and Bel Florals 

Floral Expressions by Jennifer

Why Buy Local?

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Local flowers last longer, smell better, and offer greater variety!

Best of all, they’re grown here in North America, and often may be cut in the morning, and decorating your dinner table that evening.

Supporting our local farmers and merchants is good for every community. And when it comes to buying flowers, there are so many other reasons to buy local.

Find Your Local Flower Farm HERE

Why Buy Local Flowers?
Supporting our local merchants and farmers is good for every community. But when it comes to buying flowers there are so many other reasons to buy local.

They Are Truly Local and Fresh
Almost 80 percent of fresh flowers sold in the United States and Canada are not grown in North America. You can easily find wonderfully fresh, long-lasting flowers from local farmers.

They Are Unique
Local cut flower growers are a passionate group, and grow an incredibly diverse selection of flowers, foliage, stems, and fruits. Let your inner designer go wild with the wide range of fun local floral material available.

They Are Responsibly Grown
Our growers strive to produce their flowers using responsible farming methods like integrated pest management, diverse cropping systems, and low-input fertilization programs. Their farms encourage important biodiversity, soil health, and water conservation.

They Smell Better
Many commodity-type flowers have been bred for uniformity and to fit into a box, often losing their natural fragrance in the process. Locally-grown flowers are produced in greater varieties, providing a wide range of colors, forms, and scents.

They Support the Local Economy
The production and sale of locally-grown cut flowers contribute to a community’s economy, and provide employment and valuable agriculture experience to many.

They Make You Feel Better!
Flowers reduce stress and improve your mood. Flowers can be connected to a memory of a time, a place, a person, a season, an event. They have a story, and you are part of it.

Source: Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers