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“Celadon” pronounced (seh·luh·daan) is a new small flower farm in Baldwin, Maryland.

Our mission is to sustainably grow “field to market” flowers that are diverse, long lasting and smell delightful!

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Buy Flowers

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Celadon Hill Online Shop:  Check our online shop to pre-order a bucket of blooms, buy a bouquet subscription or Celadon swag! 

Rousedale Farm Market is OPEN Fridays and Saturdays 10am-6pm. Stop by for one of our Mixed Bouquets and the freshest produce, eggs and honey in Fallston. Or pre-order on Tuesday via the online market for pick up on Saturday at the market!

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Local Designers for Special Events

Washday Floral 

Rose and Bel Florals 

Floral Expressions by Jennifer


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Cut Flower Care

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Tips to make your local flowers last longer! 

  • Clean vases-wash containers and scissors with hot soapy water between uses.
  • Trim flowers-give stems a fresh cut every few days.
  • Use flower food if provided!
  • Change the water- empty the water completely and refresh every 2-3 days. 
  • Avoid ripening produce– keep flowers away from fruits and vegetables, which give off ethylene and shorten vase life. 
  • Keep them cool– store flowers away from heat sources and bright sunlight.

Thank you for buying local!

For more information about local flower farms visit LocalFlowers.org

Local Flowers, Local Farmers: A Growing Movement