About Celadon Hill

Celadon Hill is the beginning of a new journey in small scale sustainable farming in Baldwin, Maryland. Our vision is to be your local flower farmer. 

Based on 2+ acres, “Celadon”  pronounced (seh·luh·daan) is named for the silver green pastoral lands that surround our little space and the large hill on which we grow. 

Our mission is to grow fresh field to market flowers that are diverse, long lasting and smell delightful!
Our goal is to share the love of growing and enjoying beautiful things with the community.
We grow responsibly without chemicals, encouraging biodiversity, soil health, and water conservation. 
We believe there is a simple joy in getting and giving locally grown goodness. The taste of something new, the scent of times gone by, a beauty witnessed are wonderful gifts to be shared. You are invited to be a part of this experience! 
Stay tuned for updates and watch us grow (with love)