Flower Subscriptions- Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is a Flower Subscription?

A flower subscription is a weekly dose of natural seasonal beauty. Simply put you are a buying a share of our flowers for the upcoming season. Your purchase is an investment into our farm and allows us to invest in seeds, supplies and equipment before the growing season takes bloom.

What subscriptions does Celadon Hill offer?

We offer an April,-Tulip, May-Peony, June Spring Flower and Fall-Dahlia Subscription. New this year, our subscription will change to a bountiful bucket of blooms. This will give you an opportunity to create your own large arrangement or several smaller posies. Each bucket will include 20-30 stems with amazing focal, filler and foliage blooms.

When will I be notified of the pick up and delivery dates?

Estimate dates are determined based on weather patterns and planting schedules. We will send an email notice one week prior to the first week of flowers.

What happens if I am on vacation and cannot pick up/receive my flowers?

If you will be out of town, feel free to share the joy of flowers with a neighbor or friend. Just give us a heads of up. No worries! If that’s not an option, we can double up or add a week to the end of the subscription or donate your bucket to a local school or non-profit.

How long should I expect my flowers to last?

First, it’s important to note that vase life varies significantly between different flower varieties. Some blooms will last 3-5 days. Hardier stems like tulips and sunflowers will last up to two weeks! It’s important to use a clean vessel, change the water every few days and use flower food per instructions. Visit our Cut Flower Care page for more information.

Where and when do I pick up my Bucket?

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays are pick up days. Pick ups are at our location in Baldwin from our flower stand at the foot of our driveway. Instructions will be sent via email.

When do subscriptions go on sale?

Typically, spring subscriptions go on sale in February. Subscriptions are purchased via our website. Our email newsletter list is notified when ordering is available, with prior year customers getting first notice. Over the years, our list has grown and subscriptions sell out quick.

Subscriptions are a great way to support local agriculture and get the best of the season. Win-win! 💐