Buckets of Blooms

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Reserve Your Bucket for 2024! 

We offer Do It Yourself (DIY) Buckets of Blooms for events, parties or groups wanting to have some flower fun.

Buckets of Blooms are a bountiful mix of flowers and foliage, loose stems to be arranged by you. This is a great choice for the flower lover who enjoys creating their own designs.

Buckets include a mix of 50 stems for $75.00. One bucket can be used for one large arrangement or several small ones. We offer a choice of pallet: BOLD or SOFT. 

Buckets do not typically include: ranunculus, peonies or dahlias. These flowers have a specific harvest windows (Ranunculus- April, Peony- May, Dahlias- Fall) and are sold by the small bunch, please inquire about pricing if interested. 

Buckets include what’s blooming in the field at that time and are growers choice. To see a list of flowers by season, click here. Orders are subject to availability, June through October. 

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