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Paperwhites aka Narcissus bulbs can be forced indoors to bloom during the gray days of winter providing a little boost and hint of spring’s promise. The small, star-shaped flowers will last for several weeks and are fun to watch grow! 

Watch Them Grow! November 27, 2018

Paperwhites are native to the Mediterranean and will not grow outside in our climate. The most important part when forcing bulbs is to check water level every few days. The water should remain just touching the base of the bulb, not immersed, which could cause the bulb to rot.

More information from University of Vermont extension office HERE

Water just touching base of the bulb, strong roots form with tall stems.

Flowers will last for a few weeks and can be cut for a vase. Discard the bulb. Paperwhites are a fun way to bring the outdoors inside during the chilly season! 

Almost bloom time! December 15, 2018

Helpful Links about Paperwhites

Paperwhites in full bloom December 23, 2018

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