Buds and Sprouts

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Aster Seedling
Snapdragon seedlings

Seedlings are growing and getting ready for some outside time (harden off) then will be planted into prepared beds.

Daffodils emerging

Daffodils, Tulips, Muscari and Hellebores are starting to emerge. The warmer the spring, the quicker the blooms.

In an effort to help the tulips bloom a little sooner, we installed a DIY tunnel, covered with Ag-19. It’s a breathable cover that increases the temperature about 5 degrees and offers a little protection from critters and frost.

No-till farming encourages soil health by relying on the existing soil structure and not disturbing it. To prepare beds for transplanting, they are lightly broadforked, sprinkled with organic fertilizer and topped with compost. This year, I’m experimenting with mycorrhizal inoculants, worm casings and biochar to give the beds a boost. 

Pussy Willow Stems

Now is the time for cutting and forcing branches. I adore Pussy Willow. These stems came from stems that were planted last March, super easy to root and transplant. Be careful to never plant near septic, willows seek wet feet and can do damage to drain fields. 

Tomato seedlings

I’m super excited for our vegetable seedlings, four varieties of tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, herbs and more. Subscribers to this website will get first notification in April!

Look for Celadon Hill flowers via the Rousedale Farm Online Market SOON! Make sure to try out the best varieties of fresh produce, eggs, meats and more. Rousedale Market offers local delivery or pick up in Fallston, ordering closes Tuesday at midnight. 

Need for flowers for a special occasion? Consider local designers: Washday Floral, Rose & Bel Florals and Floral Creations by Jennifer. 

Gunpowder Falls March 2021

Spring day hikes are the best. You can see the green moss soon followed by Hepatica, one of the first spring wildflowers to emerge. And don’t forget to listen for the “peepers!”  Hoping you get outside and experience all that nature has to offer!