Winter Days

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Last week temperatures plunged into the single digits and snow covered the ground, creating a winter wonderland that in a few short months will be growing and green. It’s difficult to see some days…

January Snow Day

Cold winter days are a great time to catch up on reading! Thanks to many fellow farmers on social media, the book shelf is growing! It’s also a great time to watch YouTube videos from popular “rock star” farmers, J.M. Fortier and Curtis Stone.

Recommended Reading for Market Gardens and Flower Farming!

And this week, drum roll please, seed starting begins!

Seeds from Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Southern Exposure & Floret

Saying a prayer and giving thanks I get the awesome opportunity to begin this phase. For now, seeds will begin in a sunlit room, with heat mats and close by for checking and checking and checking!

Seed Starting Begins!

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