March Madness!

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Yes, it’s March and the weather is mad! Really a bit crazy here in the Mid Atlantic with all the weathers within a week! Wind, snow, sun, sleet, ice, rain, fog, you name it, we’ve had it. Happy to say the weather inside is nice and cozy and perfect for seed starting and emerging, like this brave Sweet Pea! 

Sweet Pea Emerging
Sweet Pea Emerging

It’s also a great time to meet and talk with fellow farmers in the community. I had the most wonderful time talking and sharing with Jen from Ripple Stream Farm right here in Harford County. Jen is a delight with lots of good tips, like these lovely gifts of toothpick, aluminum tray, seeds and gloves! The toothpick and tray were a little lost on me too. Jen shared this “new to me” easy peasy way to seed that she learned from Lisa Mason Ziegler’s Gardener’s Workshop. Thank you Jen! And I love that flower farmers share all the time, always learning from one another. Simply wonderful. 

Gifts from Ripple Stream!

So, here we are in March, loving our seedlings and all their little green. And loving the flower farming community. To find more of us, look for the hashtags #flowerfarm, #localflowers #slowflowers and one of my favorites #farmher on social media.

Thanks for following, stay tuned for more updates, we’re about to get very busy! 

Seedlings of Rudbeckia, Feverfew and Carnation

4 Replies to “March Madness!”

  1. The color green reminds me of clover and spending days looking for the proverbial 4 leaf one.
    This also reminds me of St. Patrick’s a Day.
    Why was the Leprechaun afraid to step on the clover? He didn’t want to press his luck. Have a happy and bountiful March.