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Branching Sunflowers- Gold Rush

Delight! The one word that comes to mind each day I visit the flower beds and see all the hard work, vigilance and time come to fruition.

The flowers are GROWING! 

It was about the second week of June that the party started popping. 

Flower Beds Mid June

They say gardeners are optimists. They plant a seed and hope. 

Strawflower Seedlings

It’s time to plant seeds for September and October flowers. Here in zone 7, our first frost is around October 20th. We’ve started Strawflowers, Amaranth and more Sunflowers! They take about 60-90 days to bloom. Counting back from the first frost date, it will be enough time for harvest. 

And from last month’s post, we are thrilled to be sharing our flowers in market bouquets at Rousedale Farm Market on weekends. The market is open 10am-6pm and has berries, vegetables, honey, chicken and pork all fresh and locally farmed!

Bucket of Goodness!

Thank you for following the farm, stay cool and I hope you get the opportunity to delight in all the colors, sounds and smells of the summer!

2 Replies to “Delight”

  1. Plant hydrangeas. My 12 yr. old Endless Summer bushes outdo themselves every summer with true sky blue globes of beauty even when ignored ❣️ Steve at Rousedale has my old two tier plant table with light fixtures. He may want to pass it on 😉 I used it for years growing perennials and annuals from seed sold at the farmers mkt. and our own flowers and veggies. Can’t do the garden anymore (husband does that) but my deck is full of container gardening.