Ups & Downs

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Celadon Hill -June 2019

Hurray for June and all it’s ups and downs. We’ve had a few wins and a few not-wins. Can’t call them losses when you learn something from the experience!

The good news is the weather here in Maryland has been spectacular for the most part, a nice cool spring with not too much rain. Other parts of the country are really struggling with flooding and farmers are being hit hard. We keep all growers in our thoughts during these challenging times, there’s no best defense against Mother Nature. 

Along with the weather, the flowers are really starting to show themselves. The longer days and warmth of the sun are heating things up. We are thrilled with Astilbe, with its long stems and fluffy whiteness that help create stunning arrangements. 

Bridal Veil Astilbe

In other news, we are thrilled to announce Celadon Hill made its first wholesale delivery to our community’s floral design wonder, Washday Floral! Owner/Designer Tiffany works magic with bits and buds of all shapes and sizes, PLEASE check out Washday Floral on social media! 

First Wholesale Order! Ranunculus, Yarrow, Feverfew & Astilbe

Another new partner in the making is Rousedale Farm , just a few miles down the road from Celadon Hill. We hope to be offering market bouquets in the near future. Steve is a well known local farmer, in production for over 15 years with seasonal produce, honey, poultry and more. So grateful for the opportunity to share Celadon flowers with the community at the Rousedale roadside market

First Sunflower of 2019
First Sunny of 2019

On that note, I’ll leave you with one of the most rewarding pictures from the past week. Here is the lovely Chabaud Carnation, a challenge to be sure with 130 days to bloom! This lovely was seeded on February 5th and has been watched and worried over for quite some time. Here she is, in all her clove scented delight. Happy June, friends, take time to smell the flowers and BUY LOCAL!!

For Marylanders, here’s a neat link to find your favorite farms.  

Chabaud Carnation Orange Sherbert

6 Replies to “Ups & Downs”

  1. The carnation is beautiful. Thank you for sharing the local companies – I’ll be sure to make them my first stop.

  2. Everything is so beautiful Beth! It makes my heart happy that you are doing what you love. Keep growing wonderful things💕

    1. I know it doesn’t help now, but the rain this year will help everything grow 10x next year! Hang in there!