Fall Color!

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Celosia and Amaranth

Fall is here with all rich gold, burgundy, orange colors all around.

Mixed Bouquets for Market

Our fall mixed bouquets also include Plectranthus “Silver Shield”, Asters, Cosmos and Gomphrena!


Heirloom Chrysanthemums are also blooming (finally!) after being cared for since late spring.

Heirloom Mum aka Football Mum
Autumn Fire Mum

This is also the time for the insect world to mate and prepare for cold weather. Finding this praying mantis egg case in the marigolds was a treat! There could be up to 400 eggs in the sponge like mass pictured below as described in “Attracting Beneficial Bugs to Your Garden” by Jessica Walliser.

Praying Mantis Egg Case

Praying Mantis are beneficial insects and will consume “bad bugs” like the Spotted Lantern Fly pictured below.

Spotted Lantern Fly

The Spotted Lantern Fly is a really bad bug. Natural enemies include spiders, praying mantids, assassin bugs. It’s also ok to STOMP THEM! Read more about the Spotted Lantern Fly.

The Spotted Lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula) is native to China and was first detected in Pennsylvania in September 2014. Spotted lanternfly feeds on a wide range of fruit, ornamental and woody trees…Spotted lanternflies are invasive and can be spread long distances by people who move infested material or items containing egg masses.


Fall is time for clearing beds and transplanting. Hardy annuals can withstand colder temperatures and even thrive in it. Planted now to establish a strong root system, flowers will arrive in May! I learned all about Cool Flowers from the Gardener’s Workshop.

Prepping Beds for Fall Planting

After clearing the beds we add a dusting of good quality compost and organic fertilizer.

Snapdragons, Dianthus and Campanula Seedlings

Next up, bulb planting! I’m thrilled to announce our first ever bulb sale. These bulbs are a selection of double and parrot tulips. Chosen by me, they are the same bulbs we plant on Celadon Hill. All orders come with a planting guide. Tulips must be planted in the fall, typically during the first two weeks of November. Limited quantities available, Shop Now!

Fall sunsets have been glorious! Archie and I are taking advantage of the cool evenings and soaking in all the colors!

Thanks for following, stay tuned next month when our Holiday Gift Shop goes live on November 1st with Paperwhite Kits and Celadon Hill T-Shirts.