Tucking In

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November Sunflower and Ladybug Looking For Shelter

November is all about transition from growing to putting the garden to bed. Everyone knows it’s time to hunker down and prepare for a long winter’s rest. Especially the ladybugs!

For the past two years, I’ve overwintered my dahlias. Storage is a real challenge for me and with our south facing hill, we get abundant warmth and good drainage. To keep tubers viable, they need to be kept relatively dry and not frozen. I learned about this process from Jenny Love of Love n Fresh Flowers in Philadelphia. Read about it here.

November is also time to plant tulips! Using a temporary raised bed system for the last few years has made this task easy to complete in an afternoon, with a little help! We planted the most beautiful double, parrot and peony style tulips for you! Our Tulip Subscriptions go on sale in February, 2023.

Tuberose Bed Covered with Straw for Winter

I overwintered the tuberose bed last year and had good success. A heavy layer of straw will help keep the small bulbs warm and the hill will keep them dry.

Strawflowers in November

There’s always a surprise in November and this year, it was strawflower! They don’t mind the cold and with the last few weeks of above normal temperatures, the blooms were abundant!

Curly Willow

As the holidays approach, it’s time to harvest the curly willow, magnolia, holly and evergreens. Curly willow will last for weeks or months if kept in a cool space.

Paperwhites for the Holidays
Paperwhite Kits Ready for Pick Up!

Our Celadon Hill Shop is open for the holidays! The popular Paperwhite Kits and Paperwhite Bulbs are available for order with delivery or pick up in December. We also have 3 varieties of Amaryllis Bulb Kits this season. These bulbs are HUGE! One bulb will produce multiple blooms and can be kept to bloom for years to come! It is a perfect gift for the flower lover.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to share Celadon Hill with you, thank you so much for following. I hope you are soaking up the best of the season and enjoying a chilly walk with a friend!

Archie on a Autumn Walk