Feeling Fall

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Inhale the cool air and exhale the August heat. Feel the morning chill. Autumn is upon us and I’m ready for the change of season. With fall, comes the opportunity to move on from summer abundance of flowers, vegetables and weeds!  The opportunity for a little reflection and planning for spring. 

August 2019 Market Bucket
Market Bouquets from Celadon Hill August 2019

At Celadon Hill, we are getting ready for a “cool flowers” planting. It’s a neat concept in the flower farming world where direct seeding or transplants are sowed prior to fall frost for early spring blooms. Some flowers, like lettuces, peas and squash, like cooler temperatures to thrive.

Spring Bed Prep- Many thanks to our wonderful neighbor with a tractor!

This season also allows a look back to see how much our little beds produced! I’m amazed at the quantity, variety and length of bloom time. It doesn’t take alot of space! Through June, July, August and September, we had flowers for market bouquets and wholesale orders. WOW.

Evening Harvest

It’s also time for brainstorming on how to get our locally grown, chemical free flowers and herbs to you! If you’re reading this, kindly drop a comment below or send an email via the contact form and let us know your ideas for sharing locally grown flowers. Market bouquet subscriptions, plant sales, and design events are what we’re thinking! We would love to hear your thoughts! 

Thanks for following along! Celadon Hill market bouquets will be at Rousedale Farm Market on Fridays and Saturdays in September in limited quantities. For wholesale inquiries, use the contact form on this website.