Hazy, hot and humid!

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Queen Lime Zinnias

The heat has arrived! July means early morning harvests and evening catch ups.

It’s time to flip spring flower beds and plant for late summer and fall flowers. 

Newly planted seedlings for fall blooms

It’s always good to see snakes in the garden, as much as they scare me, they help keep rodents in check! 

2 foot garter snake found under a tarp, I screamed!

The gardens have come to life with pollinators, like this bee with so much pollen, it’s visible in  “saddlebags” or “pollen baskets”.  I had to look it up and found a neat article explaining here

Bee with “saddle bags” of pollen!
Summer in a Bucket!

Zinnias, celosia, marigolds and ageratum have started blooming in full force! 

We have Market Bouquets available weekly during the summer for pick up or delivery. Check out the Celadon Hill online shop for more information! 

Flamingo Feather Celosia
Mountain Mint

For our floral designers we have foliage! The backbone of an arrangement, Mountain Mint, Oregano, Amsonia and Penstemon. 

Remember local flowers for your next gathering! We have Buckets of Blooms in two sizes with a mix of foliage, filler and focal flowers. The perfect amount of stems to create several small arrangements or one large. 

Stay tuned for more flowers in September, look for our first ever Fall Subscription with Dahlias!

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Thank you for following, I hope you are enjoying the best of the season and staying COOL!! 

Archie finding shade in the rudbeckia!