Full Bloom!

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At last, the flowers are in full bloom! Cool season annual flowers seeded and planted last October started pumping out blooms at the end of May.

Feverfew and Dianthus love the cool weather and made it through the winter splendidly! They produce lovely scented blossoms on strong stems.

Silvery Rose Strawflower

Strawflower and Rudbeckia like the cool season to get established and then really put on a show!

Multiple varieties of perennials provide even more color and texture like the amazing yarrow!

Snapdragon harvest

One of my favorite flowers are snapdragons. The seeds are extremely tiny and they become strong, prolific bloomers in fun colors with a sweet light scent and a super long vase life!

Mixed Bouquets

We are pleased to be offering Mixed Bouquets for Pick Up at our Flower Stand again this year. Visit the website shop, order and pay online and note the day and time for pick up. See pic below with notes on how and where to pick up!

Celadon Hill Flower Stand!

We also have our popular Buckets of Blooms for your DIY event. Fifty plus stems of focal, filler and foliage to be arranged by you into one large arrangement or several smaller ones. The perfect purchase for someone who enjoys designing and creating with flowers.

Bucket of Blooms

Next up sunflowers, celosia, zinnias and more! Make sure to follow Celadon Hill on Facebook and Instagram! Thank you for following and supporting locally grown flowers!