June Bloom

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View from top of Celadon Hill

At last, a majority of Celadon Hill is in bloom! Fall planted campanula, snapdragons and feverfew bloom first. Campanula aka canterbury bells are one of the first spring flowers after peony. These delicate but sturdy bells bloom in a quick flush for about two weeks and the bees love them!

Campanula aka Canterbury Bells

Snapdragons are one of my favorites. Lots of color, long lasting and on strong stems. This variety is Madam Butterfly.

Madam Butterfly Snapdragons

Feverfew is a type of chrysanthemum. There are a few different varieties, all have a chamomile fragrance.

Feverfew Magic Single

Dianthus Amazon Neon Rose Pink is a prolific bloomer with a light sweet scent.

Neon Rose Pink Dianthus

Eryngium is a perennial used in both fresh and dried arrangements throughout the season. Such a unique element!

Eryngium aka Sea Holly

As the spring flowers start to fade the warm season flowers are getting ready to shine. In addition to calendula, strawflower, rudbeckia and bee balm, my over wintered dahlias are blooming!

This month we are back at the Overlea Farmer’s Market on June 10th and June 24th. Next month look for us there on July 8th and July 22nd. Our Buckets of Blooms and Petal Pick Ups are available via our online store. And as a special announcement, I’m hoping to get our first ever Cut Your Own Flower event on the calendar soon. Look for updates via email!

Thanks for following, I hope you get to enjoy the best of the season!

Archie in the flowers

Archie loves to monitor the flower beds. He weaves in and out of the rows hunting rabbits and smelling all the smells!