Love, Plant, Grow

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Last Bouquet of 2020

In this season of gratitude, I am so very thankful to love what I do! The long, mild autumn provided extra time to soak in the beauty, dig in the dirt and prepare for the spring growing season. 

November began with 900 tulips planted using a “no-till” method. I learned about this process from Love N’ Fresh Flowers in Philadelphia and Bare Mountain Farm in Oregon. 

Covered beds

Most of the beds have been cleared and tarped or seeded with a cool weather cover crop like crimson clover. Tarps kill remaining vegetation and improve soil structure by encouraging bacteria, fungi and other microscopic helpers. Worms love the cool dark space too! 

Lemon Chiffon Peony

Peonies are one of the most desired flowers of spring. These lemon chiffon peonies were purchased from Gloeckner.  The bare roots have many eyes, a good sign for healthy plants! 

Rouge Vif d’Étampes aka Cinderella Pumpkins grown on Celadon Hill!

It was thrilling to cut open a home grown Cinderella pumpkin and find thick, mild flesh with little seeds. “Cheese” pumpkins are both ornamental and functional. I made this delicious soup! Find seeds at Johnny’s

Paperwhites for the holidays!

We pleased to offer Paperwhite Kits again this year with free local contactless delivery. Packaged in a brown paper gift bag for enjoying or giving. Just add water and watch them grow! 

November Sunset

I’m grateful to share the beauty that surrounds our little space. This stunning sunset took my breath away! 


Archie continues to monitor all work on Celadon Hill, chasing leaves, squirrels and finding the occasional mole! 

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