Winding Down

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October on Celadon Hill

The nights are cooler, everything is slowing down and the days are getting shorter. 

Mid October sunflowers, the last ones of 2020

The last of the succession planting of cosmos, sunflower and marigolds are just coming into bloom and it’s time to start the cycle over again. 

Feverfew Transplants

Last week, two 100 foot beds were direct seeded and 500+ seedlings were planted, hooped and covered with hopes of spring flowers like this feverfew and dianthus. 

Dianthus Transplants

Thankfully, the dahlias are still cranking out blooms. They love the chilly nights like in their native mountains of Mexico. 


And pumpkins! These 25+ pound French heirlooms known for vivid red color and sweet flesh are both festive, flavorful and fun! 

Pumpkin Harvest

It’s been a wonderful season selling our sustainable field grown flowers at markets, to floral designers and via online sales. 

Overlea Farmer’s Market

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Archie pondering when frost will happen….

Thank you for following along and being a part of this story. I can’t wait to see where we’ll grow!