Waking Up

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It’s that time of year when everything is waking up! Stems of perennial plants are being forced up through the cold soil in search of warm sun.  

Peony popping up through the soil!

Pussy willow is another harbinger of spring. The furry catkins show up in early March. 

Pussy Willow

The hellebore patch is a welcome sight! Also known as the Lenten Rose, they are perennials and the true first flower of spring!  They thrive under the shade of a tree and will last for years. 

Hellebore Flower

Fall planted hardy annuals are looking good after a cold winter under covered low tunnels. By mid-May they will produce beautiful spring blooms! 

To get the beds ready for planting now, we ordered a huge load of compost from Veteran’s Compost in Aberdeen, Maryland. Using buckets to transport and lightly top dress the beds. No tilling is needed. 

Compost for top dressing the beds to prepare for planting.

One type of flower that can be planted early, way before the last frost are Field Peas for cover crop and Sweet Pea seedlings, they like it chilly and need a period of cold to establish strong roots. 

We are so excited for spring flowers! There are still a few Spring Bouquet Subscriptions available. We will have our Buckets of Blooms starting in June, perfect for the Do It Yourself event or to split with a friend! 

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Archie in the sun