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Tulip just pulled from bed

The tulips are here! This month has been one long tulip pull. Chilly weather with many nights dipping below freezing has kept the tulip harvest very slow. 

Exotic Emperor Tulip

Exotic Emperor tulips started in late March and are always first to bloom. They were the exclusive bloom for the first week of our Tulip Subscription. 

Drumline Tulips Almost Ready for Harvest

Next up were Drumline Tulips. A double tulip with pinks and streaks of white. We harvest in colored bud stage for best storage and longest enjoyment by the customer. The tulips in the pic are just about ready to pull. 

Second Week Tulip Subscription

In past years tulips arrive quickly over a period of 3 weeks total. If you blink, you miss them! This season we are looking at 4- 5 week harvest and there’s plenty to enjoy! We planted 1700 bulbs in November using Jennie Love’s and Bare Mountain’s No Till Tulip Method.

No Till Tulips

While not watching the tulips, I put in a new pussy willow bed using the no till method with cardboard and compost. Willow roots very easily. After soaking the sticks in water, they go right in the ground. 

As our field flower season gets going, find our flowers via local designers: Washday Floral and Rose & Bel Florals.

Buckets of Blooms will begin mid May! If you are planning an event with DIY flowers, contact us now to get on the calendar! This is also a great option to split with a neighbor or friend!

We’ll also offer limited amount of Seasonal Market Bouquets for Friday pick up or local delivery, check online shop for availability. 

Lastly, look for our Flowers in a Jar at JR’s Timeless Treasures on Fridays and Saturdays. 

Thank You for following, I hope you get to enjoy the best blooms of the season! 

In other news, Archie celebrated the big 3 this month. He is such the little man/dog and always keeps me company in the field. 💚