30 Days of Celadon

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As I begin my 5th season flower farming, I wanted to look back and tell the story of Celadon Hill in bite size chunks via pictures and captions. I began on January 9th with an intro and then a post a day for 30 days via Instagram and Facebook. It was a great project inspired by Maya of Hillen Homestead in Baltimore City.

January is also the time for review and planning. My husband took this cool aerial shot from our drone back in September. I look at it and think WOW! We’ve come a long way since beginning in 2019 and still more to grow.

Celadon Hill September 2023

Amaryllis are on the scene with friends and family sharing pictures of their pretty blooms. There are still a few of huge Amaryllis available in our online store. Amaryllis are perfect gift for the flower lover on Valentine’s Day.

Most importantly, seeding has begun! Mid January, I started seeds of feverfew, rudbeckia, snapdragons and more in our basement grow room. These flowers take more than 100 days to bloom and can be planted out in early spring. If you are thinking about starting seeds, Johnny’s Seeds has lots of great information and many varieties.

Quick reminder: Our bouquet subscriptions go live on our website February 1st!

We are offering 2 different subscriptions with both Pick Up and Local Delivery options this Spring. For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions about Subscriptions.

2023 Celadon Hill Spring Subscription Offerings

  • APRIL Tulip Subscription 4 Weeks with Delivery $125
  • APRIL Tulip Subscription 4 Weeks with Pick Up at Celadon Hill $95
  • JUNE Subscription 4 Weeks with Delivery $125
  • JUNE Subscription 4 Weeks with Pick Up at Celadon Hill $95

June Flowers

If you’re considering a flower subscription, a flower farmer recently shared the perfect script for how to ask for one for Valentine’s Day and I’m sharing with you too.

We are a few weeks away from Valentine’s Day. I have learned through the years that subtle or even obvious hints don’t work. So to help you out, try this script instead. 👇🏼

“Hey babe, I would love it if you passed on the overpriced roses this year for Valentine’s Day and got me a “Celadon Hill Flower Subscription instead.”
Then you send this link in their direction.


Our 4-week flower shares are about the same price as one fancy Valentine’s day arrangement. Seems like a no-brainer to me. 🤷🏼‍♀️😉


Lyndsey, Wild Root Flower Co.

Thank you for following! I’m looking forward to my 5th season of flower growing and can’t wait to share it with you! In the meantime, Archie and I are getting our steps in and looking for rainbows!

Archie and a January rainbow!