Spring In View

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The dark days are fading away and spring seems to be in view. According to meteorologists, spring in the mid-Atlantic is arriving about three weeks early. I can see by watching when the trees start to bud.

Star Magnolia

It’s a good time to force spring flowering branches to bloom indoors. A few to try are Redbud, Forsythia, Star Magnolia, Apple, Quince, Serviceberry, Witch Hazel and Lilac.

The Pussy Willow were harvested this week ahead of schedule.

Pussy Willow

There’s activity in the seeding room. Seedlings will start to be planted out in early March. Snapdragons, Stock, Statice don’t mind the cold temperatures and can handle frost.

Eucalyptus is started in January because it takes a super long time to get growing. It won’t be ready to be planted out until the soil warms up in late May.

June Bouquet Subscriptions

It always amazes me how the little bits turn into gorgeous bouquets of flowers!

Our April and June Flower Subscriptions are almost sold out. We will be closing the ordering soon for planning purposes. Don’t delay, order today so you can enjoy the very best of the season when the flowers are blooming in a few short months.

Hellebores In February

Archie and I are enjoying the longer days and getting our steps in. I was reminded of one of my favorite quotes for this time of year.

“Because in February the days were really getting longer and you could see it, if you really looked. You could see how at the end of each day the world seemed cracked open and the extra light made its way across the stark trees, and promised. It promised, that light, and what a thing that was.”

Olive Again- Elizabeth Strout
Archie and the February Light

PS- My reading stack gets bigger in the winter and this year I’ve read some wonderful books. I’m grateful for my local library and book clubs for keeping me reading.

Winter Reading 2023