Pop of Red

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Neutrals make the color red “pop” and during the gray days of December and January this could not be more true. I stumbled upon this gorgeous winterberry and it stopped me in my tracks. The red berries against the bland shrubs screamed “look at me!”

Winterberry (Ilex verticillata) is a type of holly, native to the Eastern United States typically found in swampy areas like storm water management ponds and road sides. Best used in porch pots and outside decorating as the berries eventually shed. Birds love the berries and will visit your “decor” often.

Amaryllis are a great way to get a pop of color! The key to growing Amaryllis is warmth. They love a balmy 70-80 degree room. These bulbs only need a little bit of water to get going, too much water will make the bulb rot. Once the thick green stalks emerge, vibrant blooms will soon follow. Bulbs that are potted in soil can be saved to bloom again the following year! Read more about Amaryllis HERE.

Paperwhite Growing

Winter is time to force bulbs to bloom indoors. I’ve been forcing paperwhite bulbs for years and they are so easy! Thanks to all who purchased kits and bulbs this season, we sold out! Learn more about paperwhites here.

This month I soaked and planted ranunculus outside. The corms look like spiders and it’s important to plant them “legs down”. They will rest in soil through the winter under covered low tunnels and start to grow leaves in late February and flowers by April.

Hardy Annuals Looking Good!

The fall planted hardy annuals- snapdragons, dianthus and campanula are looking good under low tunnels. They don’t mind the cold weather and will produce flowers in May and June.

Dried Flower Bulb

It’s been a whirlwind month of orders, deliveries and pop up markets that included these cute dried ornament bulbs filled with strawflowers, gomphrena and celosia, all grown on Celadon Hill.

Pop Up Market at Brightview Assisted Living

HUGE thanks to all who purchased Celadon Hill bulbs, greens, shirts and more this holiday season. We still have a few items left in the store for last minute gifts.

Reminder, our tulip and spring bouquet subscriptions go on sale in February. Look for the email reminder!

I’m so grateful to be completing my 4th season of growing and sharing local flowers! Thank you for following. I hope you are enjoying the best of the season, especially the gorgeous sunsets! 💚

Archie loving the sunset.