Budding Out

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Forced Forsythia

Each season I try to harness the magic of forced blooms. I think I’ve finally got it!

A few quick tips for forcing blooms. First, look for colored, swollen buds on spring blooming shrubs like Forsythia, Star Magnolia, Redbud, Witch Hazel, Fothergilla, Cherry, Apple and Quince.

Look for colored, swollen buds.

Next, with clean pruners or snips, cut a few stems about 1-2 feet long, the more buds the more blooms! Plunge stems into a clean container with water and place in a warm spot away from direct sunlight.

Star Magnolia-Starting to Open

Change water completely weekly. It may take up to two weeks for buds to open. Give the ends a fresh cut too. The goal is to keep the stems hydrated and not let the buds dry out. Some say to spritz the stems every few days, but not necessary.

Star Magnolia- Blooms!

Watch the show! Some flowers last longer than others. Star Magnolia fades quickly, Forsythia will last for more than a week. Experimentation is the best teacher!

Peony Poking

Speaking of budding, all the peony are staring to poke out. They don’t mind the bitter cold and will be blooming by mid-May!

Hellebores Harvested on the First Day of Spring

Hellebores are ready for harvesting. Look for the seed pod to form and they will last weeks in a vase!

Avant Garde Tulips-Double Creamy Yellow with Light Scent

First tulips are here! I cover part of my bed with a temporary tunnel to trick them into blooming a little early and to spread out the harvest. We planted almost 3000 this year and it goes quick once the days warm up!

It’s time to start thinking about your garden! Our plant sale is live. Order flower and vegetables seedlings now and pick up in May when it’s time to plant outside.

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Apricot Impression Tulip

Archie and I are soaking up the longer days and anticipating a very busy spring on the hill!

Archie in the Sun