Tulip Flush

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One trip to the tulip bed on a hot April morning!

The 2023 April heat wave and tulip flush is one for the books! Flower farmers all across the nation were dealing with multiple days of record breaking heat. An odd 80 degree day is normal for April, but not multiple high 80’s in a row. Prolonged heat causes the tulips to “blow open” quickly, leading to shorter vase life and hundreds of tulips needing cold storage. It’s a pickle for sure.

Columbus Double Tulip
Tulip Subscription Week 2

I try to pull tulips in bud stage, like our second week tulip subscription seen here. This gives the best experience. Watching the tulips open slowly and magically in the comfort of your home.

Arrangement by Rose & Bel Floral Design with Celadon Hill Apricot Parrot and Salmon Expression Tulips

Our tulips also can be seen in designer arrangements, like this one by Rose & Bel Florals in Fallston. Love how the fully open tulips give life to this creation.


One of my favorite flowers, anemones, started blooming too. These colors!

According to Flower.Style

Anemone plants are nyctinastic, which means they open to face the sun during the day and turn their heads down at night. According to folklore, fairies nap in the downturned blossoms, flitting away when the sun’s rays persuade the flowers to reach skyward again. They keep growing even after they’re cut.


Amsonia aka Bluestar is the best April flower. It’s a actually a shrub and produces starry, powder blue flowers for three weeks. This variety is called Storm Cloud.

Big Kid Easter Egg Hunt

Amidst the warm weather, we were grateful to have a gorgeous Easter holiday and epic egg hunt for the big kids. They almost found all the eggs!

Snapdragons, Dianthus, Campanula will be blooming soon!

Our fall planted flowers are getting ready to bloom about three weeks ahead of schedule. This means more variety for Mother’s Day! The bulk of our spring flowers are sold to local florists, so make sure to check out offerings by Washday Floral and Rose & Bel Florals.

I’ll also have some Spring Mixed Bunches for Pick Up from the Flower Stand on Celadon Hill. Pre-order will be available May 1st. I’m loving the convenience of this little stand that sits at the foot of our driveway and is for paid pre-orders only.

Flower Stand on Celadon Hill

Another gift idea for the flower loving mom is a Celadon Hill Gift Card that can be used toward a future Subscription, Bucket of Blooms, Petal Pick Up or T-Shirt…

Spring Petal Pick Up

As I usually end my post with all things Archie…. the little man’s birthday is in April. Archie all of 4 years old and we love him.

Thanks for following! I’m so excited to share all the beauty of Celadon Hill with you. I hope you enjoy the best of the season!

Archie has an April birthday, he’s 4 years old!