Fall Color!

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Fizzy White Cosmos

Our field grown season is wrapping up with a bang! A showcase of color, texture and abundance bringing beauty to fall weddings, homecoming dances, and celebrations. 

Homecoming Heirloom Mum

We’ve been busy providing buckets of flowers to local small business floral designers who report an extremely busy fall season. We are super grateful for those who choose locally grown flowers- Washday Floral, Rose and Bel Florals, Floral Expressions by Jennifer.

Stadium Queen Heirloom Mum

It was my first time growing heirloom mums and I love the large blooms, bright colors and long vase life.

Autumn Fire Heirloom Mum

Mums were ordered in early 2021 from Faribault Growers in Minnesota, delivered in March and field planted in June. Pinched back a few times to delay bloom and increase stems, they are worth the wait!

Heirloom Mum Mix

Toad Lily is a unique perennial with a delicate orchid type flower that loves the shade and blooms in October.

Toad Lily

Apricot Strawflower has been a favorite with paper like petals that can be dried easily. It seems to last forever!

Apricot Strawflower

Flamingo Feather Celosia is ideal for corsages, boutonnieres and adds the perfect touch of pink to bouquets.

Flamingo Feather Celosia

My favorite, sunflowers, finally reappeared after dealing with deer all summer long. I love these Sunrich Gold Sunflowers.

Sunrich Gold Sunflowers

The fall season would not be complete without the queen, DAHLIAS! Native to the mountains of Mexico, dahlias love cool nights and as soon as the temperatures drop into the 50’s, blooms don’t stop!

Dahlia Harvest

The season is wrapping up and we have begun the process of cutting back, spreading compost and planting new baby plants for spring flowers.

Scabiosa Transplants Started in August

As we wait for the first hard frost, we still have flowers!

Look for Friday Flowers at JR’s Timeless Treasures in Fallston and Petal Pick Up Mixed Bouquets available Monday through Friday.

Pink Mixed Bouquet for Pick Up

Thanks for following along, stay tuned for next month when we’ll be stocking the online shop with Celadon Hill Swag, Paperwhite Kits and Amaryllis!

Archie in Autumn

We are also making time for long walks on crisp fall days. Archie loves the park and fits right in!