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Flowers deer don’t eat!

This season was the first in 20 years deer impacted my flowers. 

Sunflowers eaten by deer

We discovered nearby agricultural fields changed their corn crop to a variety that only forms tassels, not corn. The deer who had grazed there every year were now searching for new food sources!

Sorghum in Gunpowder State Park

We took action by installing a recommended solar powered deer fence from Premier 1 Supplies.

Solar Deer Fence

Happily, deer don’t eat all types of flowers. Marigolds, Zinnias, Rudbeckia and Eucalyptus are not preferred!

Plectranthus Silver Shield

A late summer winner has been Plectranthus! It’s related to coleus, holds up great in the vase and has a wonderful soft silvery green hue.

Heirloom Mums

Another winner is the Heirloom Mum! Purchased from Faribault Growers in the spring, they are starting to shine now!

Marigolds, Rudbeckia, Gomphrena and Chives

As I write this, the summer heat has finally relinquished and a crisp, cool fall day is upon us. I’m thankful to have learned from this season’s challenges and look forward to getting the beds ready for spring planting. 


Crested Celosia

Find our flowers at JR’s Timeless Treasures located at 2418 Baldwin Mill Road in Fallston on the weekends and through the Celadon Hill Online Shop! We have Buckets of Blooms and Petal Pickup’s available! 

Thank you for following! Enjoy the beauty of the season! Look for holiday gift giving ideas in the coming months! 

Archie on the Hill