May Flowers

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We jumped right from April tulips to May ranunculus, amsonia, poppy and peony! 


Amsonia is a hardy perennial with blue starry flowers. Similar to milkweed with a milky sap in the stems, after the flowers are done, a pod forms. The leaves turn burgundy in the fall. 


Ranunculus love a Mediterranean climate, our Maryland seasons make growing them a bit challenging but worth the effort! Ranunculus are perfect for corsages and boutonnieres because they hold up well out of water. 

Iceland Poppy are another May favorite and my first success with them! I purchased baby plants from Farmer Bailey plugs, planted in week 10. They have the most interesting looking buds and pop with color!

Peony Bunch
Lemon Chiffon Peony

And it’s officially PEONY WATCH! The queen of May flowers. We harvest in marshmallow stage not marble to get the best vase life. The first to arrive was Lemon Chiffon, lightly scented, buttery yellow, amazing size! We also have Festivus Maximus, Shirley Temple and Sarah Bernhardt, all blooming within the next two weeks!

On the planting side, it’s time for dahlia tubers to go in the ground once the nights are above 50 degrees. We have one patch of overwintered dahlias and hope to keep these in the ground too. At the end of the season, after the first fall frost, I will layer with dead leaves and tarp to keep the tubers from freezing.

Archie helping to plant sunflowers

It’s also time to get sunflower seedlings in the ground and Archie always likes to monitor the progress!

Thank you for following along. Please check your email for notice of availability of mixed bouquets and where to find our flowers! This week there are a few peony bunches available in the shop for pick up only!

There are still a few flower and tomato plants available in the shop! It’s the perfect time to plant!