Hurry up and wait…

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May is finally here and we’re feeling lots of “hurry up and wait!” Seeds started back in March and April are out-growing there cell containers and soil blocks, ready to go in the ground!

Like these lovely Benary’s Giant Mix Zinnias.    

Zinnias-Benary’s Giant Mix

Gold Rush Sunflowers seeded on April 6th, went in the ground May 1st. Look at those strong stems, ready to grow into sturdy, tall, summer loving beauties. 

Gold Rush Sunflowers

Eagerly waiting to see Feverfew and Rudbeckia make their arrival. Started way back on February 5th, these hardy annuals take over 100 days to create blooms!  The chamomile scent of the Feverfew is delightful. 

Feverfew and Rudbeckia

Sarah Bernhardt, Festivus Maximus, Shirley Temple and Victoire de la Marne are in our newly planted herbaceous peony patch. Who doesn’t love peonies?! 

There are buds, but we won’t share them just yet. It’s important for peonies to build a good root system and not take cuttings the two years. According to Peony Envy, “they follow the well known truisms – first year sleep, second year creep, third year leap – or first year roots, second year shoots, third year flowers.”

Victoire de la Marne Peony

And checking in on the Sweet Peas and Carnations taking their sweet time….

Chabaud Orange Sherbet Carnations

And we can’t forget about filler foliage! An important component of creating bouquets and arrangements. We are growing Mountain Mint, Bee Balm, Indigo, Dill, Basil and Eucalyptus. There can always be more filler, looking to add Solomon’s Seal and Euphorbia too!

Floret offers this helpful guideline for creating bouquets–“aim for about 50% of the mix being filler, 30% being disks and the remaining 20% split between spikes, the focal bloom and airy elements” 

Mountain Mint

Lilies of the Valley, Iris and Columbine are growing in the shady parts of the hill. All of these cool spring favorites were gifted to us by dear friends and each year, with a little love and care, they provide an early show before the weather gets hot.  

Columbine and Lilies of the Valley

The chickens are feeling a little spring fever too. We want them to eat the bad grubs and bugs so we constructed a playpen from PVC, chicken wire and zip ties. THEY LOVE IT! 

Pog Flock Chickens in their new PLAYPEN!

Grateful for all that’s growing and ready for long, warm days filled with lots of light and blooms soon! Thanks for following along, leave us a message, follow us on social media and stay tuned! 

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