Spring has Sprung!

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Things are really starting to pick up here on the hill! Our very first beds were created with the help of wonderful neighbors and their tractor. The ground of an area about 12 x 100 was turned over after a super rainy week. Thankfully the soil looked good at first site, a little loamy, perfect for growing. 

First Bed Prep of Celadon Hill!

Before that we worked on prepping weed block fabric. During many discussions with beginner farmers and gardeners, weed control is a HUGE topic. It’s often the biggest time sucker and something to be addressed early on.

We decided to go with reusable weed block with pre burnt holes based on recommended plant spacing. It was pretty easy using a sheet metal template and a little flame torch. I like that it’s reusable, will keep you posted.

Weed Block Prep

In the meantime, lots of seeding going on. The first seeds were started back in February for flowers that have 100+days maturity. The next batch started on March 9th for those with 80+ days maturity. We’ll continue every 14 days or so with the goal that something will always be flowering aka succession planting. (Hopeful goal!) Johnny’s Seeds has a helpful chart.

This is another hurdle for me, being a newbie, haven’t really planned my growing season this way. I have maps and excel spreadsheets that are head spinning! It’s a work in progress. 

Seed Starting Lab

This month we met farm friends from Anchored Roots Farm near Solomons Island, MD and Karma Farm in Monkton, MD.  Both wonderful productive farms growing and selling local vegetables and flowers. 

I’m spending one day a week at Karma Farm learning their operation and Anchored Roots hosted a Field Day via the Future Harvest Program. 

It’s extremely helpful and advised to visit and learn from experienced farmers. I’m so grateful for this wonderful collaborative community. There are more Field Days on scheduled this spring, can’t wait to visit 4 different farms throughout the DelMarVa area. 

Anchored Roots Farm Field Day

And drum roll please….the long awaited final bed prep was completed last weekend. Just about wore everyone out gathering rocks (so many rocks) creating the beds and moving compost.

We have 3-75×3 foot beds planned for cool season annuals: Bupleurum, Agrostemma, Bachelor Buttons, Nigella and Rudbeckia, Feverfew and Dianthus. And after the last frost, warm season annuals: Calendula, Celosia, Zinnia and Sunflowers. Plus lots of filler flowers like Dill, Basil and Dara. There’s another 50×12 area for perennials: Phlox, Echinops, Astilbe and Peonies.

Starting small at first, the goal being to work up to a 1/4 acre cultivation (10K square feet) within the next year. Goals are good. 

First Beds of Celadon Hill

Thanks for following along. Stay tuned for updates, find us on Instagram and Facebook. Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question, would love to hear from you and maybe learn something from each other! 

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