It’s all about the soil

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In March, it’s all about the soil! 8 yards of compost from Veterans Compost! 

Compost Delivery Day

Soil health is vital to creating biodiversity and sustainability. We practice “no-till” methods, cover crop planting and top dressing with compost to create a living ecosystem that sustains plants, animals, and humans and grows amazing flowers! 

Hellebore aka Lenten Rose

March also brings the first field cut flowers of the season, hellebores! Hellebores aka Lenten Roses are a type of evergreen. They love living under the shade of a tree and if planted in the right conditions, will last a lifetime! 

Tulips Emerging

And those 400+ tulips planted back in November are starting to poke through! Looking for amazing blooms in April like Foxy Fox Trot, Renown Unique and Sensual Touch. These delightful parrot and fringed tulips are something special! 

Spring Bouquet Subscription

Lastly, we’ve announced our first Spring Bouquet Subscriptions! Five weeks of beautiful spring flowers delivered to your door. Details here!  

Spring will be here soon, bringing flowers with bright colors and fresh scents. We can’t wait to share them with you! Feel free to share this post to a friend who loves flowers. Thank You for following!! 

Tree Stump Flower

One last thing. Had to share this delightful tree stump found while on a walk in the woods. There’s beauty in nature every day, everywhere, keep looking!