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February begins with seed starting! Finally, after December hustle-bustle and January downtime-funtime, it’s time to get growing!  

In January, I placed a seed order for the first time with Geo Seed. It was a great experience with wonderful customer service and a first time purchase discount! 

Seed Order 2020!

My grow wishlist took a bit of time to narrow down, so many choices! We have a good mix of annual and perennial flowers that can be used for mixed bouquets and straight bunches for wholesale. Bouquets typically include five elements: focals, discs, spikes, fillers and airy bits. Floret has a wonderful tutorial on bouquet making. 

June Market Bouquets

We started hardy annuals in the fall and it’s time to start a few more varieties. These “cool flowers”  love the chilly spring weather and can withstand a bit of frost. Hardy annual transplants can be planted outside 6 to 8 weeks before the last spring frost. Our last frost usually falls around April 20th, so we’re aiming to be outside planting around week 10, the beginning of March. Johnny’s Seeds has a great seed starting calendar. 

Seed Starting Area in Basement

As winter creeps along, we are planning availability of Celadon Hill flowers. Updates and news will go to subscribers first, please feel free to pass along our sign up page to someone who loves flowers or would be interested in purchasing flowers. Thank You! 

And here’s my plug for why to buy local flowers. Did you know locally grown flowers are fresher, more unique, last longer, smell heavenly, support the local economy and are responsibly grown? Local flower farms are popping up all over the world! Find one closest to you by visiting    

Support Locally Grown Flowers

Thank you for following! Archie and I have been enjoying our downtime with long walks in the woods gearing up for warm spring days ahead. We can’t wait to share our flowers with you! 

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