Merry & Bright

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One of my favorite podcasts suggests choosing a one word theme to enjoy the season. Two words (I’m a rebel) for this year would be Merry & Bright. We’ve had more than a few gray days this December. My instinct is to look for a bright color like red. Outside I see Red Dogwood, Winterberry, and this amazing dwarf Nandina, “Fire Power”, with no poison berries.

Nandina “Fire Power”

Light The Candles

I so enjoy the bright warm light of candles, especially during the winter. There are warm memories of lighting our family’s Advent Wreath, anxiously counting down the days till Christmas. The tradition continued with our kids and now, they are grown, I still light a wreath. Perfect purple tapers from School House Fallston.

Advent Wreath

Annual Family Christmas Playlist

Our family’s Christmas playlist is a merry maker. The 24th edition of the Poggioli Family Playlist dropped December 1st. It began as a CD and now we share links to Amazon, Spotify and Apple Music. Take a listen, I promise you will hear a new Christmas song. Special thanks to my husband for his year long efforts searching for songs and neighbor Sean for another awesome cover art. Each year, the cover highlights a Poggioli family memory. This year was my son’s wedding, a bright day, full of love and fun.

I’m always merry planting. As the growing season ends, there’s still time to plant ranunculus. They don’t mind the cold and will start growing when conditions are right. Steady temps between 40-70 degrees wake them up. The creepy spider looking corms grow into the most beautiful flowers.

Tis the season of giving. I want to share a few of my favorite things. Any given day during the year, I use these tools and wear this “uniform”. Hori Hori KnifeHand HoeGlovesPants from Duluth TradingCeladon Hill Long Sleeve

Duluth Trading Pants

Many thanks to all who purchased Paperwhites this year. I’m thrilled to share the love of indoor bulb forcing. It’s a long practiced activity fondly remembered by older generations. Bulb forcing is an art and it seems to have fallen off. I’m happy to help bring it back.

In addition to bulbs, this season we offered Branches in Birch to show off the season’s best evergreens, magnolia, red dogwood and curly willow. The scent of these arrangements are festive. At a recent market, people followed their nose to my stand and happily purchased one.

Branches in Birch

Huge thanks for a wonderful 2023! There is so much to be grateful and I’m excited for all that 2024 will bring. Happy Christmas to you and, “may all your days be merry and bright”

Archie wishes you a Merry Christmas too!

Archie and the Red Dogwood and Curly Willow

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas
With every Christmas card I write
May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases be white

White Christmas, Irving Berlin

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