Willow Rooting

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Pussy Willow Cuttings

Willow is one of the easiest shrubs to root. Willow stems emit growth hormones, indolbutytric acid (IAB) and salicylic acid that encourage root growth. These growth hormones will also help root other shrubs and plants.

Willow will start to root in a bucket of water

There are tons of articles online about how to propagate trees and shrubs. Here is one I found from the University of New Hampshire.

New Pussy Willow Bed

From my own experience, I keep willow sticks in a bucket in the garage for at least two weeks. After I see little white roots, the sticks are plunged into a prepared bed.

Curly Willow

I bought my first willow sticks in 2020 and within 4 years, the shrubs tower over me. I have Curly Willow, Grey Pussy Willow and Black Pussy Willow.

If you want to try to grow your own pussy willow, I have stick bundles available for pick up. See options for tips (the part with the catkins) and sticks (the part to root).

In addition to willow cutting, I’m watching for hellebore blooms and daffodil pokes. Spring is in sight!

For now, Archie and I are enjoying the mild days and taking long walks.

Archie on a walk

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