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First Egg of 2024

Finally after three months with no eggs, we got one! March brings longer days, about twelve hours of daylight. More daylight means egg production has resumed. Soon we will be getting four to six eggs a day from our eight happy ladies.

The amount of daylight hours affects a chicken’s reproductive cycle. Hens will begin laying when the amount of daylight reaches 14 hours per day during early spring. Maximum egg laying will occur when the day length reaches 16 hours per day. This biological marvel is perfectly designed so that chicks hatch in spring and develop and mature during the warmer summer months.

Michigan State University
Hellebores aka Lenten Rose

Hellebores are the first bloom on the hill. Also known as Lenten Rose because they often align with the season of Lent. Hellebores are perennials and enjoy growing under the shade of a tree. For best vase life, wait until the first seed pod develops on the main stem and then cut.

Hellebore Patch

The mild winter and recent warm temperatures have pushed our first tulips to bloom too. This variety is a double tulip called Icoon. I pull the tulips from the ground with bulb attached. It’s important to pull them when color first shows so they can be easily stored in the cooler.

Icoon Tulip in Bud

Taking them out of the cooler, snipping the stems and placing in water with start the opening process and long lasting enjoyment.

Icoon Tulip Opened

With the early blooms, I’ll have a few Spring Holiday Bucket of Blooms available for pick up or local delivery March 29th and March 30th. Buckets will include a 30 stem mix of tulips, hellebores, daffodils and willow. Enough stems to create a large arrangement or a few smaller ones.

On another note, it’s almost MARKET TIME! I’m thrilled to announce I’ll be a new vendor at Kenilworth Farmer’s Market on Tuesday afternoons, 3pm-6pm starting April 23rd.

Look for me “down under” the parking deck at The Shops at Kenilworth at Kenilworth Drive in Towson, Maryland.

This warm weather has Archie and me in the field. Weeding, planting and watching Celadon Hill come to life! We hope you are enjoying it too.

Archie watching the plants grow!

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