Change of Season

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In the cut flower world, there’s something called the “June gap”. It refers to the end of spring flowers and when summer flowers are not quite available. 

Celadon Hill June, 2020

This year, with the late frost and cool spring, the gap is a little smaller. 


Spring feverfew and nigella came in like rockstars! Followed by snapdragons and larkspur. All these flowers were planted last September, covered and tucked in tight over the winter. The extra time in the ground, allowed for strong root development and hardiness. 

And as the summer season is officially upon us, our first sunflowers bloomed on June 11th! 

First Sunflowers of 2020

Our work is ramping up, here on the hill. I’m so grateful to have help washing buckets, moving compost, installing stakes, flipping beds, harvesting flowers and much more. I’m especially grateful to my husband, chief engineer for all around farm technology! 

Planning a special event or would like to create your own arrangements? We offer Buckets of Blooms for $40 each with free local delivery. Your bucket is filled with what’s blooming in the field that day, literally the freshest cut flowers available. Forty loose stems for you to arrange in multiple creations or one large bouquet. 

We’ll be at the Overlea Farmer’s Market on June 27th, July 10th and July 25th. Follow Celadon Hill on Instagram and Facebook for updates!

Overlea Farmer’s Market 2020

Our mixed bouquets are available at Rousedale Farm Market. Pre- order online Tuesday and pick up on Saturday!

Thank you for following along and supporting locally grown flowers! Stay cool and stay safe!!

Archie staying cool