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It’s been a slow start this spring. After an initial warm up it got chilly and then we had a very, late spring FREEZE!

Covered for the Frost

By double covering newly planted seedlings with Agribon 19 fabric and hoping for the best on the cold hardy annuals, we made it through with minimal damage.

Marshmallow Ranunculus

Thankfully, ranunculus love the cool weather and our harvest this year has been delightful!

Peony Buds- Ants are OK!

The wait continues with the peonies. Seeing ants on the peony buds is a good thing as they have a symbiotic relationship with the peony protecting the blossoms from other floral-feeding insects.

Larkspur Budding

As of this writing, the feverfew, snapdragons and larkspur are just about to burst!

I am happy to announce our mixed bouquets will return to Rousedale Farm Market via their new online store! Ordering is Tuesday 9am through Wednesday 10pm. Pickup is Saturday at the market from 2pm-6pm. Rousedale Market is providing a variety with items from local farms. You can find the freshest high quality poultry, beef, eggs, honey, cheese, olive oil, garden plants and FLOWERS!

Rousedale Online Market with Saturday Pick Up

We continue to supply flowers to special occasion floral designers like Washday Floral who strive to use local growers in the area.

Local Floral Designer for Special Events

Excited to share that we will return to the Overlea Farmer’s Market once of month starting May 30th! The Overlea Farmers Market runs from June through September at the parking lot of the Natural History Society.

As the weather warms, we will be posting availability to our online shop. If you are feeling “DIY”, we can fill a bucket of seasonal blooms for you to arrange for your special event, contact us here.

Spring 2020 Bouquet

Thanks for following along. One of my wins this season was getting sweet pea to bloom. The scent is absolutely dreamy. This is my little jar, filled each day with a few stems of joy.

Sweet Peas