Small Space, Big Flowers

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July Garden

When family and friends visit, they often remark when seeing the flower beds, “I thought it would be bigger!” 

Dianthus Amazon

My response is always the same, you can get a ton of flowers from a small space.

Mixed Bouquets for Market

The last week of June, I took a moment to count how many stems went off the farm, a quick tally and some rough math showed 500 plus+ in one week!

Zinnia and Sunflower Beds

Celadon Hill is a little over 2 acres with about 1/4 acre in production. That means packing the plants in tight and using every inch of prepared bed space.


It also means not hanging onto flowers that are done producing or don’t like the heat. To keep the flowers blooming, we remove old, tired plants and replace with fresh new transplants.

Overlea Farmer’s Market

It’s been a hot, busy month! Our mixed bouquets are available at Rousedale Farm, for pre order online and at their on farm market. Look for us at Overlea Farmer’s Market on biweekly Saturdays and at Independent Brewery open air market on Tuesdays from 4pm-7pm.


I love this time or year, hot or not, every day brings a new flower, fruit or vegetable at its best! ENJOY the season and STAY COOL (like Archie) ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿ˜Š

Archie overseeing irrigation maintenance.

Thanks for following along! Do you know someone who loves flowers? Do they know about locally grown flowers? Feel free to share this post and help spread the word about the benefits of buying local! THANK YOU!

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