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We are all sleeping a little more these days, both the flower beds and me! Anyone will tell you, rest is key to growth. 

“I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says “Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again.”

— Lewis Carroll

The hardy annuals are covered with Agribon 19 cover to deter critters and create a stable environment for baby plants. 

New peony and perennial beds were created in November. Spice Bushes and Hydrangeas were relocated for better placement and access. 

Marshmallow ranunculus pre-sprout began by placing the corms in water with a bubbler for a few hours then into a mesh bag filled with damp perlite and peat moss. After about 10 days they will go in the ground with hopes of spring flowers! Bare Mountain Farm has been a huge help with Youtube videos. 

After all the outside work is complete, I plan to start the exciting task of creating a crop plan for 2020. Beginning with a wish list compiled of notes taken over the past 12 months, then relying on tried and true favorites and digging for one or two rare finds. Luckily for flower farmers, we like to show our stuff on social media and more often than not, I see something new, unusual, always a source for inspiration. 

Seed companies I like are: High Mowing Organic Seeds, Landreth’s, Johnny’s and Seed Saver Exchange. 

Lastly, we are offering the first Paperwhite Growing Jars of Celadon Hill. It’s a cute, fun gift for all. Paperwhite bulbs, when placed in a sunny location with a little water (just at bulb level) not immersed, will produce beautiful white flowers in about 4 weeks. The flowers can then be cut for a vase. Learn more about paperwhites here! Paperwhites will be available via the Celadon Hill online store till December 25th! Free local delivery. 

To end our last blog post of 2019, a picture my son took of Archie and me after a day working on the hill. Archie came to us in July and he’s quickly become a constant companion to me while weeding, planting or harvesting. He loves flowers and we love him!  

Thanks for following, all the best to you and yours for a happy new year! See you in 2020!

Archie and Me

4 Replies to “Rest”

  1. I can see your beds as I travel down Green Rd. now that the leaves are gone. I wondered what was covered in the front. Love your bouquets at Rousedale Farm. Rest well.