Time to Plant

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Cosmos and Zinnia Seedlings

By the first week in May, I’m eagerly watching for the the signs that it’s time to plant. I look for the nighttime temperatures to be consistently above 55 degrees for warm annuals like zinnia and tomatoes.

I also check the moon phases with help of a moon growing calendar. It helps to have an overcast day with a chance of rain in the forecast too!

Bed Covered With Tarp

Some of my beds are tarped killing weeds and keeping the bed ready for planting. I use silage tarps purchased from a farm store. The tarps are held in place with rock bags.

Uncovered Bed Ready For Planting

Tarp removed, this bed will sit in the sun for a day or two. Then I’ll lightly dress with compost and organic fertilizer and it’s ready for planting. These steps are part of the No-Till Process.

Lemon Chiffon Peony

If it’s May it’s also Peony Season! Three weeks of big, bold flowers and lots of color. The Queen is here.

Sarah Bernhardt Peony
Peony Harvested in “Marshmallow Stage”

Baptisia aka False Indigo, a great native plant blooms in May. Perfectly paired with Peony! 

Peony and Baptisia

Dianthus “Sweet” series has been great this year. Strong stems and delightful scent. The Bachelor Buttons and Orlaya are great for May bunches. As I write this, the Nigella is just starting. Love this blue flower!

Nigella and Bachelor Buttons

This season look for me and the flowers at the Kenilworth Farmer’s Market on Tuesdays 3pm-6pm under the parking pad. And at Overlea Farmer’s Market every other Saturday, 8:30am-12:30pm starting June 8th.

It’s a wonderful time to taste, smell and enjoy the BEST OF THE SEASON!

Children’s Flower Hour 2023

I’m pleased to announce the return of Celadon Hill Events. Children’s Flower Hour, Adult Happy Hour and Saturday Bagels and Blooms return in July and August.

Events will be posted in June, look for an email soon.

Archie always near

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