Change of Season

We are gearing up for end of season here on Celadon Hill! Wow, what a great summer, so very grateful for overall good weather, collaborative relationships, not too many big mishaps and lots of learning opportunities. I want to specifically thank Washday Floral and Rousedale Farm Market, for committing to working with local growers and being our first wholesale customers.   As we wait for first frost, expected at the end of October here in Zone 7, we’re gearing up for next spring by preparing beds for hardy annual flowers.  Some flowers actually thrive in cool weather, as described in The Gardener’s Workshop-Lisa Mason Ziegler’s Cool Flowers book.  This book is a wonderful resource and is highly recommended for thinking outside the box when planting for spring.  To aid the baby plants in developing a strong root system prior to winter, row covers help deter animals and bugs and create a…

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Winter Days

Last week temperatures plunged into the single digits and snow covered the ground, creating a winter wonderland that in a few short months will be growing and green. It’s difficult to…


Breathe! I’m soooo excited to get started. So much great information shared at the Future Harvest 20th Anniversary Chesapeake Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture (CASA) Conference. A must attend event for future and present small scale sustainable farmers in the Chesapeake Bay region.